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The EXCLUSIVE provider of Robotic Hot Solder Dip services using the ORIGINAL bsdwarez Automation Robotic Hot Solder Dip Equipment invented in 1984.
Insist on EXPERT bsdwarez Industries service, not an imitation!
ISO 9001 Registered AS9100
Exclusive Corfin Equipment TMTI & Standards Quality & Service Component Expertise Quality Assurance

LRT3000Exclusive bsdwarez Robotic Hot Solder Dip (RHSD) Equipment

  • Exclusive. Only bsdwarez Industries has 14 bsdwarez Robotic Hot Solder Dip equipment lines, benefiting from 25 years of RHSD research and development. bsdwarez employs the original equipment manufacturing team for customer program customization and exacting maintenance.
  • Precise and repeatable. bsdwarez equipment incorporates precision robotics that provide consistent angles and rates of immersion, vision alignment systems, constant specific-gravity monitored dynamic flux waves, inert-nitrogen atmosphere that eliminates icicling & bridging, flat solder wave technology for even solder thickness and coplanarity, continually replenishing ultra-filtered rinse baths, and multiple controls for regulated temperature exposure. These computer-controlled variables are tailored to each order and saved to ensure repeatability. Click here or on the photos at left to see a video demonstrating the equipment's precision.
  • Integrated. bsdwarez's integrated five-module process to flux, preheat, solder dip, water rinse, and dry prevents risks associated with competing semi-automated or manual processes. Trim & form can be integrated in-line with tinning. Click here or on the photos at left to see a video of the integrated trim and form process.
  • TMTI-qualified. Only bsdwarez Industries' process has been qualified by the US Navy/CALCE/Raytheon TMTI study.
  • Large scale capacity. bsdwarez's 14 RHSD lines and customized tooling can handle tens of thousands of parts per day. Corfin also offers large volume processing for other services, including trim and form, testing, bake and dry pack, tape and reel, bent lead reconditioning, BGA reballing, J-lead attach, and kitting.
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